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Help us sell our products and earn cash by taking any pictures you like of our website or Instagram and post them on your Instagram with your personal link to earn 25% on each sale you make! it's really simple to set up and it's completely stress free, you can promote our products as little or as much as you want.

We use a trusted third party app called Affiliatly, it's a very well known and respected app you can look up online so you know you are going to be paid correctly and on time every single month.

How often will i get paid? 

Our affiliates will be paid once a week on every Friday, This way we can pay all our affiliates at the same time to keep things running smooth!

How will i receive payments? 

All payments will be paid automatically through PayPal. You can link your PayPal account to your affiliate dashboard.
If you have any problems then feel free to contact us on (

Are there any requirements? 

There are NO requirements! 

You can post our products wherever you like, however you like, anyone that buys off your unique affiliate link you will be paid for!

How do i know you will actually pay me? 

We understand your concern about getting paid correctly for all sales you refer and also getting paid on time, to ease your concerns we use a third party trusted software called Affiliatly to manage tracking and payments.

You can look up the software online and see the credibility of it for yourself so you can be reassured knowing you will be properly reimbursed when using our affiliate program.

Here is an example of a instagram post


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 Then from there you can access your affiliate dashboard and set up your payment details to be paid out, view detailed stats on your clicks, earnings to date, and much more.

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